Occupational Physiotherapy in Brighton

The number one cause of sickness absence in the UK is musculoskeletal disorders. In the NHS, almost 40% of staff sickness is due to musculoskeletal conditions such as back and neck pain. One proven way of managing and even preventing it is occupational health services such as occupational physiotherapy.

Whether the patient is recovering from injuries or has developmental or cognitive disabilities affecting their motor skill, emotions or behaviour, occupational physiotherapy will help them fully engage in daily life.

What Is Occupational Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists work in Occupational Health Services which help employees and staff to establish safe working practices and manage health issues. Occupational physiotherapy is extremely effective with treating neck pain, back pain, stress, anxiety, and other work-related conditions. A whopping 80% of people who had physiotherapy for their musculoskeletal disorder were able to carry on working and did not have to go off sick.

How Can Our Occupational Physiotherapy Help with Occupational Health?

An occupational physiotherapist focuses on helping their clients live as independently as possible by assessing and improving their functional abilities. Many employers and their staff deal with health problems at work. This adversely affects their productivity. Our physiotherapists have specialist expertise in occupational health services and can help to prevent and reduce the possibility of sickness and injury in the workplace. They can also help staff return to work through treatment and re-training.

Our occupational physiotherapists also educate employers and staff on safe working practices and train them on matters such as lifting, good working postures, handling and equipment layout. As a person with reduced mobility or disability got from work or a health problem, you may be unable to carry out your current job. An occupational physiotherapy can discuss with you and your employer what duties you are able to do and what adjustments may be required.

How Do We Deliver Occupational Physiotherapy?

Occupational physiotherapy combines evidence-based therapeutic interventions and exercise with your bespoke programme. Physical tests will be performed to determine the best course of action to achieve your full physical potential. Your medical history will also be reviewed and the cause of the injury will be ascertained. Our occupational physiotherapists have an excellent understanding of the effect of bio-psychosocial aspects, combined with a strong workplace focus to optimise a patient’s capacity to return to work and function. Using clinical reasoning, they will tailor a recovery plan to return you to optimum function and physical activity.
Your therapy sessions will be coordinated with other training activities you participate in to avoid over-training and reduce the risk of re-injury. From time to time, your personal plan will be monitored and adjusted when needed to meet your performance goals. Advice, education and rehabilitation will be integrated into all aspects of your life.

Why Do You Need Occupational Physiotherapy for Your Staff?

Sickness absence costs the UK around £15 billion annually in lost economic output. Approximately £13 billion is spent on health-related state benefits annually. Employers have a legal duty to protect the health of their employers including individuals with musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore, partnering with an occupational physiotherapist will promote better management of these conditions whilst considering all aspects of the patient’s life.

Occupational physiotherapy is clinically effective and also cost effective in the provision of occupational health services and getting people back to work. Early access to occupational health including specialist physiotherapy services drastically reduces the rate of avoidable sickness absence at work.

A combination of work-focused healthcare, timely advice and an accommodating workplace is the best prospect of sustainable return to work. Occupational health physiotherapy plays a major role in this process.

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The cost burden of sickness absence due to common health related conditions is significantly high and adversely affects employers, employees and the society at large. Our occupational health physiotherapists are able to provide preventive and reactive services for keeping people at work or helping workers return quickly after sickness absence. Contact us today for a healthier life for you and your employees.

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