Sports Athletes

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised branch of physiotherapy. It deals with sports-related issues and injuries.
Sports injuries differ to everyday injuries. The high level of performance demanded of athletes take a toll on the nerves, muscles, bones, and joints.

During games, athletes go through the same range of motions over and over. These repetitive motions, especially in sports like golf, tennis, and baseball put the related body structures through continual stress. This is why athletes are more susceptible to injuries. They may focus too much on a particular anatomical part and struggle with or neglect a particular phase of their motion. This exposes a specific anatomical structure to injury.

Sports physiotherapists help rehabilitate athletes from the injuries and stresses they have to endure as they push their limits. These specialists have sport-specific knowledge that are needed for the treatment of acute, chronic, and overuse injuries. They also provide the resources and the health education needed to treat and prevent problems.

Chiropractor doing Manual Adjustment on Athletic Girl'Spine after Sport Activity
Male therapist massaging knee of athlete patient - sport physical therapy concept

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Sports Athletes

The many benefits of sports physiotherapy have long been established:

Facilitate Relaxation
Sports physiotherapy enables athletes to unwind and regain their energy after a long day in the field or at the gym.

Improved Flexibility of the Joints and Muscles
To ensure optimum performance, an athlete needs to stay flexible. Sports physiotherapy, which also involves osteopathy, helps athletes to stay in top shape and give their best during a game.

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