Treatment for Back Conditions

Back conditions, especially back pain, are common. Studies reveal that eight out of ten people will experience it at some point in their lives. In the UK, about 5.6 million business days are lost annually because of back pain. Back conditions often occur as a result of a strain or a sprain of back muscles, joints, ligaments, osteoarthritis, and wear and tear, or damage to the discs.

We all know that back conditions can be painful, but they are often not serious and the symptoms improve usually after a few weeks. Manypeople, however, seek osteopathic therapy to reduce the pain quickly.

What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is the practice of diagnosing and treating medical problems with a focus on how the body is structured and the way it functions. The practice is based on the theory that your general wellbeing and health depend on your ligaments, muscles, bones, and connective tissues all working seamlessly together. Back conditions are one of the top reasons why many people seek osteopathic treatment. An osteopath uses manual techniques such as manipulation and massage to reduce pain caused by back conditions.

Patients who suffer from back conditions feel a wide range of symptoms such as tenderness, mild to severe pain, and stiffness. Pressure from the nerves from the back can sometimes cause pain and numbness in the arms and leg, and scans, X-rays, and other tests may be required to determine the cause and make a diagnosis. If your osteopath cannot completely heal or detect the cause of the problem, she may refer you to a physician or a specialist for further diagnosis.

How an Osteopath Can Help

Evidence supports the beneficial effects of massage and manipulation for back conditions for which osteopaths are known. They treat your back pain by gently and rhythmically massaging the soft tissues of your back to re-align them for proper functioning.

Osteopaths treat individuals differently depending on their age, diagnosis, and fitness. They also offer professional advice on your lifestyle in order to help you eliminate practices that lead to back pain. If you suffer from a painful back condition that does not seem to be improving, you could try manual therapy offered by an osteopath to prevent the back condition from becoming a long-term, chronic condition.

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