Your First Visit

Here’s What To Expect

When you first come to the clinic, we aim to greet clients with a warm welcome. As a team we want to do everything we can to try and ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed in the clinic environment. We hope to achieve providing an informal, relaxed yet professional space.

Each speciality and practitioner are different in the way they work and what is required when you come into the clinic for the first time. Usually there will be an initial meeting appointment, which offers an opportunity for practitioners to gain an overview of the problem you would like to address and what you would like to achieve by coming along. This also offers an opportunity for you to ask the practitioner some questions about their speciality and how they might be able to help you.

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

The initial consultation and treatment will last approximately 1 hour. This will involve a detailed case history. After the therapist has taken a case history, they will carry out a physically assess you, which often involves a spinal check. Following this the osteopath will discuss a treatment plan with you. After this, treatment will begin.

Follow up appointments last for 30 minutes and consist of a catch up consultation, followed by a physical reassessment and then treatment.


The initial meeting appointment is 30 minutes. The therapist will ask you some questions about what brings you to therapy and take a brief case history. This offers an opportunity for you to see if the therapist is the right person for you to work with and ask some questions.

Follow up appointments last for 50 minutes, offering the client a space to further explore what brings them to therapy.

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