Paediatric Physiotherapy in Brighton

Paediatric physiotherapy handles the movement, development and conditions that affect infants, children and adolescents. Whether the child is a day-old infant or an adolescent, paediatric physiotherapists treat them using age-appropriate techniques and instructions.

What Is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Paediatric Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of children and infants with developmental, neurological and growth-related conditions. It takes into consideration the unique needs, anatomy and biomechanics of children from birth until full growth and development have occurred.

It involves treating, correcting and managing a range of musculoskeletal and neuro-orthopaedic conditions in children under the age of 16.

Paediatric physiotherapists use specialised therapy to treat children with physical disabilities and developmental delay. The smaller body of an infant or neonate is physiologically different from an adult. Therefore, the immature physiology of the infant or child ought to be taken into account when treating their conditions.

At Hove Osteopaths, our paediatric physiotherapists have successfully treated neuromuscular, rheumatological, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions. We have handled several cases in children from new-born to young adults.

What Do Paediatric Physiotherapists Do?

Children are built differently. They also move and think differently. If they have developmental and physical conditions, it is best tackled by someone who is specifically trained in handling them.

Paediatric physiotherapists specialise in treating and caring for toddlers, infants, children, teenagers and young adults. They also specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of infants, children and adolescents with a variety of diseases and disorders. They treat conditions related to the genetic, neurological and orthopaedic disorder. They also assist in early detection of health problems and provides physical therapy for disorders in the paediatric population.

They are experts in child development and have in-depth knowledge on how to manage their diverse movement problems. Movement is a crucial phase of growth for infants and children. It directly impacts how children explore their environment as well as their bodies. The ability to move easily affects their learning and growth. Paediatric physiotherapists have expert skills in the assessment, identification and diagnosis of movement difficulties in children. They also create treatment plans for the effective management of difficulties associated with child development.

What Is Our Approach Toward Paediatric Physiotherapy?

During your first appointment, our expert paediatric physiotherapist conducts an exhaustive assessment of your child in a child-friendly environment. This includes evaluating the child’s motor skills and overall development, specific hands-on assessment techniques, using our observation skills and engaging special measures.

After the assessment, we develop bespoke therapy programmes for your child. Our approach is all-encompassing; taking not just the child into cognisance but also, the child’s family, educators, teachers and other health professionals. Our expert paediatric specialists have spent decades working with children and know how best to get them interested in their sessions. With younger children, we ensure that the session is fun and playful in order to engage and motivate them and achieve results.

They optimise the health of the child in order to enable them to move and become active members of the society. We ensure they participate in everyday activities such as playing, learning, going to school, and being part of the family and community.

How Is Treatment Administered?

At Hove Osteopath, our paediatric physiotherapist will develop a treatment programme in collaboration with you and your child. It addresses your child’s difficulties and maximises their abilities. It may be aimed at reaching specific milestones such as rolling, crawling and walking. We tailor the treatment to fit the unique needs of each child.

It includes physical therapy, advice, education, exercise therapy prescription and consultation. The treatment plan focuses on improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination. It includes the following:

Physical therapy: Paediatric therapy uses a variety of modalities to provide physical therapy for disorders in the paediatric population.

We employ hands-on physical therapy such as joint mobilisation and manipulation, massage, and heat therapy. These in-depth therapy programmes will help improve their motor skills and aid their general development.

Education: This seeks to enlighten you and your child’s caregivers on your child’s condition and how you can improve.

Targeted exercises: You will be given mapped out activities and stretches that your child has to engage in both at school and at home. This will aid your child’s progress.

Orthotics: If required, we will prescribe that your child try out specialised orthotics as a part of their rehabilitation exercise. They include splints or other equipment which can support your child’s development.

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If you have worries about your child’s physical and mental progress, then you need to see a paediatric physiotherapist. Hove Osteopaths offer unique, innovative and effective paediatric physiotherapy services for children in Brighton and Hove with a variety of conditions and diagnoses.

We work with children with a wide range of disabilities, disorders and delays, genetic disorders, mobility difficulties, neurological impairment and any other physical and developmental conditions.

Working with a paediatric therapist will hasten their recovery and help them become active members of society. To book an appointment with one of our top paediatric physiotherapists for your infant or adolescent child, call us today at 000000000.

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