Treatment for Fatigue

What is fatigue?

Causes of fatigue

Treatment for fatigue

The treatment plan recommended by your doctor, will depend on the cause of your fatigue, and your symptoms. They include

  • Medication: In most cases, fatigue is associated with depression. Treating depression can help cope with fatigue, and relief stress and often low doses of some antidepressants are used.
  • Therapy: This involves a two-way approach that includes cognitive training and exercise programs.
    • Cognitive training – A counselling session can help identify some limitations imposed by fatigue, and develop a way to curb them. Having better control over your life will improve your condition significantly.
    • Exercise programs – A physical therapist will help you determine the type of exercise that’s best for your condition. Typically, in the case of prolonged inactivity, the individual starts with a range of subtle motion movement, before advancing to more intense physical activities.
  • Other treatment methods include – Improved diet, better sleep and relaxation, drinking plenty of water,

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