Stress is emotional pressure. It is normal. It can also be detrimental. We all get stressed out sometimes at work, at home, or when trying to get things done. It is our body’s reaction in the face of a task, a challenge or a concern.

Stress is useful in some cases where it motivates you to get things done quickly. Like meeting a deadline at the office or studying harder to pass a test, or quickly avoiding any sign of danger. On the flip side, when stress lasts longer it could be harmful to your health.

Types of stress

Acute stress

You may experience this type of stress for a short period of time because it is tied to something that happens in the immediate. For instance, when you narrowly avoid an accident or when you do something that excites you. Stress hormones are released to adequately manage the situation until it dies down.

What causes stress?

Stressors. These are things that put pressure on people, and they could be negative or positive. Getting married is positive but it could be a stressor because one has to prepare for and anticipate it.

Stressors can be external or internally induced or based on one’s perception.

External factor

Stress caused by external factors refer to something outside your control or not directly caused by you. External causes of stress include work schedule, financial difficulties, and relationship issues.

Internal factor

Stress can be self-generated when you begin to worry about things or have a negative outlook on life or your ambitions. Unrealistic expectations can also lead to stress.


Ultimately, what causes stress comes down to how you perceive issues. It is how you feel about something that determines if stress hormones would be released or not.

So, while the thought of giving a speech at an event may cause stress for one person, it may not for another.

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